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St. Albert, AB

(780) 460-0000

Sedation Dentistry in St. Albert

Sedation dentistry is an excellent option for patients who find visits to the dentist make them highly anxious or fearful. Otara Dental wants to work with you to ensure your visit is as comfortable and calm as possible.

Through sedation dentistry, our team can help you relax and reduce stress for all sorts of dental services; from dental cleanings to root canals and everything in between.

Request an appointment to take advantage of sedation dentistry.

What Types of Sedation Do You Use?

Sedation dentistry can include several different types of sedation; even as much as general anesthesia. At Otara Dental, we offer oral sedation as well as nitrous oxide or laughing gas.

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation involves taking a sedative in pill form before your appointment. This pill will help both your mind and body relax during your service; preventing the muscle pain you might feel due to holding tension in your body as well as the anxiety you might typically feel in the dentist’s chair.

While you will be awake during your service, you may not remember your service after the medication has worn off. Note that someone will need to drive you home after your appointment. You may feel drowsy for the rest of the day, however, you will most likely feel normal by the next morning.

Nitrous oxide is an inhalable gas that’s sometimes called laughing gas. Similarly to oral sedation, this form of sedation allows you to relax during your service without putting you to sleep. The difference, however, is that nitrous oxide only works while you inhale it. Once you start inhaling normal oxygen, you can quickly return to normal. In fact, many patients are allowed to drive themselves home after receiving nitrous oxide (however, this will be at the discretion of your doctor.)

Location / Hours

Located Northeast of Servus Credit Union Place in Campbell Business Park

Otara Dental

15 Carleton Dr #102
St. Albert AB, T8N 7K9

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